Your employees and their choices are your #1 resource.

How are you committing to them and your organization?


I'm Kathleen Fyfe

​I can tell you all sorts of things about me but what you really want to know is why should you care and how can it help you, your company, and your employees and subsequently, your bottom line.


I assist businesses to become their better selves. This is different for every client because every business is different. When we work together, I spend time getting to know you, why your business exists (not what you do but really your WHY), where there are challenges that need to be investigated, and how to create opportunities within those challenges to propel you into a better, stronger future.


The best thing for you might be trainings for your team, an organizational structure assessment, a dive into your culture, or who knows, we will find out together. We work hand in hand. I’m in it for the long haul with you. Don’t believe for a minute that a two hour workshop will create the impact that you need to move your needle. You’ve spent years building your organization. You don’t really think that two lunch and learns will change things, do you?


I think humans are fascinating. I love puzzles and deciphering businesses and their cultures. I also like walks on the beach and sushi but don’t worry, I’m not looking for a date. I also really don’t like mayonnaise. Unless it is aioli, which my husband says is fancy, expensive mayonnaise. Just thought I would tell you a bit more about me.

Culture Sleuth, Change Strategist, Community Builder




Team Building

Management Training

Leadership Skills

Culture Assessment and Development

Organizational Assessment and Development

Board Structure and Governance

Strategy and Strategic Planning


One on One Coaching

Customized workshops with topics including: Communications, Meeting Management, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Providing Feedback, Effective Listening, Conscious Leadership, and other topics that you think would be helpful


AIM Services, Inc.

Bonacio Construction, Inc.

Caffe Lena

The Children’s Museum of  Saratoga

The Dake Foundation for Children

Franklin Community Center

The Friends of Ulysses S Grant   Cottage

Habitat for Humanity of Northern  Saratoga, Warren and  Washington Counties

The Hyde Collection

JEM, Inc.

Saratoga Center for the Family

Saratoga County Economic           Opportunity Council

Saratoga Eagle Sales and Service

Saratoga Hospital Guild

Saratoga Springs Rotary Club

Shelters of Saratoga





What else do you want for your business?

What else do you want for your clients?

What else do you want for your employees?

What else do you want for yourself?

What else is possible…

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